Time n tide has been operating for 25 years. We operate out of Hervey Bay which is adjacent to the splendid Fraser Island, situated at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea. Our range is from Offshore Tin can bay in the south to lady Elliot Island in the north. Our overnight offshore fishing grounds cover a wide variety of depths from shallow water, 10m to the Continental Shelf, 120m and beyond. We specialize in reef fishing, sport and game fishing.

The Vessel
The vessels used on our voyages are customized which would suit conditions, fishing styles and locations which we encounter. The boats are mechanically and aesthetically maintained. Time n tide operates a 15m custom catamaran, M.V GETAWAY. It is powered by 2x430HP Cummins diesels, delivering good crew speed to get you to the fishing grounds in reasonable time. The vessel is set up for Multiday Charters and has comfortable sleeping and fishing arrangements. It has large cold room which would keep prized Reef Fish in good condition. The rear deck is meant for providing plenty of room for fishing and some seating for those who get tired or for resting of old gentleman. There is a huge supply of rod holders. This vessel has been set up for serious fishing of all types. A hydraulic anchor helps to anchor up in depths of up to 120m that provides several alternatives in order to catch variety of species. The boat has the stocked tackle. We have medium or very light or light as well as Fly fishing tackle of major brands. Our vessels are known for its fishing ability, practicality and manipulation thereby sustaining the comfort which is apt for day trips. All fresh food is provided and prepared on the vessel. No alcohol or soft drinks are provided. Tea, coffee and drinking water are supplied. Sheets, pillows and sleeping bags are all supplied on this vessel. The beds are single sized heavy duty mattress giving comfortable sleeping quarters. Towels are not provided.

In order to fish deep outer reefs we try to go faster as it would help you to fish for more time. All basic comforts are provided. These vessels are safe and certified and well equipped. We see to it that people on the board get more fishing time which can be attributed to speedy boats, exit location and extensive charter times.

Time n tide targets aim to provide amazing fishing trips in Australia. Reef Fish primarily but is equipped to do all forms of Sport Fishing and Game Fishing. Because of our location we are blessed to have a wonderful mix of species, located at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef. We are in the southern range of the Coral finned fish but also in the northern range of the Rocky finned fish species (Snapper, Pearlie, etc.) So depending of the time of year we can catch dozens of different fish species making it very exciting as you never know what is coming up next. All tackle; rods, reels, hook, sinkers are provided.

All tackle; rods, reels, hook, sinkers are provided.
Bait: squid, pilchards, mullet.
No braided line, soft plastics or lures are supplied.

Our fishing tackle consists of a mixture of overhead and spinning reels (fin-nor) and for the old diehards, alvey reels. We use 50 pound line class with 80 pound leaders on the heavy tackle and 30 pound line class with 50 pound leaders on the light tackle, using a variety of rigs. You are welcomed to bring your own tackle as many dedicated anglers do.

Fishes like Yellowfin, Tuna,Marlin, Northern tuna and mactuna appear in and around Fraser Island in the months starting from September to March yearly. This is the best time to get hold of these species. Some of the techniques used in catching these species include live baits, Lures, trolling and casting.