What Is Multilayer Piezo Product And Its Different Actuators

Any multilayer piezo product is created by using number of layers of piezoelectric materials and between each layer internal electrodes are also placed. All the positive and negative end of the electrodes are connected to external electrode with positives on one side and negatives on another sides.

What are the benefits of multilayer piezo products?

One of the main advantage of using multilayer piezo electric products is that you need to use hundred times low voltage for obtaining same amount of displacement of the actuator. Also, because of number of electrodes are embedded in its construction within the ceramic, you can use higher electrical field so that you can get higher amount of mechanical strain. Also, your material will remain much better protected against any environmental issues.

Another benefit is by taking multi-layered approach is that it is possible to integrate several actuators with single component or any combination of sensor and actuator. Many suppliers of piezoelectric products will supply this multilayer piezo product as a linear and bending actuator either in the form of standard product or any customized product to match any specific requirements.

 Few Linear actuators:

  • Plate and ring actuator

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